Hosted VoIP Solutions – Shared Infrastructure

Would you prefer a VoIP enabled system without the hassle of maintaining it, or maintaining any on-premise equipment? You can subscribe monthly to a hosted PABX service, including a handset on your desk, with all the features of a full phone system solution for a fraction of the cost. You only purchase the handsets you require depending on the number of users you in your business, so you have peace of mind that no matter what your needs we will assist your business to grow and adapt as your needs change!

Business Redundancy with SIP and VoIP

Com2 can supply you with SIP services featured with inbuilt automatic redundancy.  In the case of a blackout, failure of your telephone lines (e.g. a digger cuts your cables!) or your telephone system, our VoIP services will detect the loss of connection between the SIP server and your telephone systems and immediately divert all your calls to any number you choose.  This number could be a mobile number or a series of mobile numbers or another site.  There is no need to call your carrier and wait on hold while they organise a redirection, preventing the loss of business by eliminating any down time and saving you time and money!

Why Choose VoIP? Because it’s AMAZING value!

  • VoIP will drastically reduce your line rental and call costs
  • Your IP Voice phone system will save you money on each and every call, paying for itself with a fast return on investment, while also providing greater flexibility
  • VoIP lines can be relocated anywhere, your telephone numbers are not tied to a suburb or exchange in the event you need to relocate your business
  • By bundling your VoIP solution with a high-speed Business Grade data connection you not only get cheaper calls, you will also dramatically increase your data speeds
  • Faster disaster recovery due to automatic redundancy features
  • Many clients have saved 30% – 40% off their previous telecommunications costs. Talk to Com2 Communications today to find out more about how we can deliver the same for your business!


Why VoIP & SIP?


VoIP & SIP Telecommunications

VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol)

Busting the myths about VoIP:

  • A VoIP call is not FREE. There are costs to delivering a good quality VoIP call, yet at the same time this transition opens up a lot of advantages for your business!

  • VoIP is only SECURE when it is done right. A cheap, no-name provider could cost you literally thousands if your system is hacked. Our expert team is here to give you advice and make sure your business is secure.

  • VoIP can SAVE YOU MONEY and be amazing value, but only when done correctly!

If you are considering moving your business to VoIP, it can be one of the best decisions you make! However you need to ensure you make the right decision regarding the supplier, installer and the connections you use.

Using a low grade ADSL connection (which in most cases is the same quality as a cheap consumer product) for your VoIP phone system is risky depending on how many users you have, as you will not achieve the call quality you need and your callers expect!

The items of consideration before you choose to implement VoIP or SIP for your business are:

  • The speed of your internet connection

  • The bandwidth available

  • What applications are being used in your office that will affect this

  • What type of internet connection do you really need for your business to run as efficiently as possible, and at the same time provide the bandwidth required for your VoIP to run trouble free!

At Com2 Communications we ensure your VoIP and SIP connections are dimensioned correctly, at the same time ensuring your data connection isn’t compromised by the use of the additional bandwidth.  We can assist any business, whether you are a micro business of 1-2 handsets, all the way up to a large enterprise, with the right solution to suit your needs

We also consider redundancy in your solution, so that in the event that there is a failure of your phone system, data connection or power, your calls can automatically failover to your mobile number or another site, ensuring you don’t miss a call

A good VoIP or SIP phone system solution has the potential to save you considerably on your telephony expenses, while at the same time increasing your productivity and efficiency.  Call us today on 1300 887 495 to talk to us about an efficient and secure VoIP or SIP solution


VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, is simply a voice call delivered over a data connection. That data connection could be a large corporate network, private or public network, cable, ADSL or even wireless. A VoIP call can be made from any service connected to one of these networks. Your VoIP call can be made from a desk phone, PC, Laptop, iPad or smartphone. The convenience is that you can use VoIP anywhere! Perfect for light and nimble businesses that need to relocate easily as all you need at each new site is the data connection. It is also an effective option for large corporate organising as it minimises overheads and delivers timely information at the press of a button no matter where you are. Your office can travel with you in your pocket!

IP Voice Telephony works by transmitting voice through small packets of data. This is transported and converted by your phone system so that the caller on the other end hears a clear, high definition voice call. Larger corporate organisations can save on monthly call costs from their in-house communications by calling free of charge between sites and reducing overheads by minimising the amount of line rental required.

Com2 Communications will analyse your current data and voice infrastructure and identify the feasibility of delivering VoIP into your current PABX and recommend which solution will fit your needs. We will add the features you require such as voicemail, call waiting, call forwarding, voicemail to email, twinning (where your mobile rings at the same time as your desk phone) and smartphone-based VoIP clients for international travellers allowing you to keep your overall communications cost predictable and reliable no matter where your staff travel.

Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is the standard transmission protocol for voice calls to be converted into data calls (VoIP). SIP services can be delivered over your existing data infrastructure, or built in to a private data solution specifically dimensioned for your requirements. Com2 Communications can assist you in delivering SIP services for your business without the requirement for a separate data plan to accommodate.
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