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Hi! We’re the team of telecommunications gurus from Com2 Communications! We make the experience of getting access to the latest technology a simple and enjoyable one. We have a range of data solutions available in Melbourne such as Fibre Links, Midband Ethernet, EFM, EoC and the technologies related to them such as VoIP and SIP. We can also assist you in connecting with Data Centres and hosted telephony and bundle it all together in a single monthly bill…


Melbourne – we can get your business connected to HIGH SPEED INTERNET! Our team designs, deploys and configures your new data connection. We communicate with you and your team to best understand the right internet solution for your business. We can help make you uploads faster and your download more stable. We can make your connection to cloud services and platforms seamless. We can make connecting back to your head office painless. We help make it easy!


We will discuss your business data needs with you. We then run service qualifications to understand the best path from the many Melbourne exchanges to your site. As every site is different, we will outline the benefits and advantages of the various data technologies you have access to and then put a plan in place with you and your team for a successful deployment. Planning is everything when it comes to delivering a great data solution. Get in touch today! 1300 887 495.

What We Can Do


Melbourne – 400Mbps Fibre Links sound good? We can get your business screaming along with 400Mbps / 400Mbps Fibre at an AMAZING price. We can satisfy your NEED FOR SPEED and deliver value for money with the added benefits of Unlimited Data, add unlimited SIP and your business can have a fixed price telecommunications expense! SAVE MONEY NOW! Call 1300 887 495!

EFM & EoC Ethernet

EFM (Ethernet First Mile) and EoC (Ethernet over Copper) are widely available in Melbourne . Talk to the team at Com2 Communications on 1300 887 495 TODAY about the cost effective and HIGH SPEED EFM and EoC internet available to your business and get connected FAST!


Com2 communications are a full service provider, supplying end to end telecommunications including SIP and VoIP over private links. We can also provide SIP trunks over your existing internet connections. SIP is the easiest way to save money on your telecommunications expenses with Trunk rentals as low as $5 vs the traditional copper line costs, savings are only a call away! Call Com2 Today!

Hosted Phone Systems

If you are thinking about moving your telecommunications to the cloud, Com2 have a range of hosted PABX solutions that you can bundle with your High Speed Internet Connection in Melbourne. Hosted PABX done right!!

Local Fibre Links

If you are looking for local Fibre networking or fibre internet connections in Melbourne, Com2 have you covered! We have an extended team of Fibre cabling technicians that can deliver your fibre link today!

Technical Support

If you are looking for Phone System Maintenance or Support on a PABX in Melbourne, Com2 can help! We work with almost every PABX brand and can assist in migrating you to SIP or just make basic changes, call today!!

Call Centres

We are the Call Centre specialists in Melbourne! Talk to experts in call centre software and technology and get the trusted advise and solutions from the team at Com2. Call us for your call centre today!

Melbourne High Speed Internet Team

Office: 1300 887 495

NSW Rep: Mark – 0409 180 536

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